Private and Secure Email for Outdoor Enthusiasts.

OutdoorMail is a modern email service with awesome features and unmatched privacy created for lovers of the outdoors.

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Email Is Fun Again!

In addition to top-notch email OutdoorMail integrates new text messaging features, easy contact and group management while providing exclusive content and promotions for the outdoor lifestyle.

Second Admendment Friendly

second admendment friendly

Take control of your Inbox and support our Second Admendment. OutdoorMail is a proud veteran-owned Second Admendment supporting email service.

Privacy Guaranteed

private and secure email

At OutdoorMail, we strive to be a stand out company in terms of respecting user data and privacy. Your email is never scanned.

Your Email, Anywhere

get your email on any device

Access your OutdoorMail account with your favorite mobile email app. Use our webapp. Use your favorite mail app on your Mac or PC. Use them all!

Innovative New Features With Private Text Messaging.

When used from our webapp, OutdoorMail adds easy text messaging, contact management and group management to your Inbox. Easily create a group and quickly send group text messages. Recieve text notifications of emails from your VIP contacts. Integrating your Inbox with text messaging has never been easier!

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OutdoorMail For Business.

Promote your business with OutdoorMail technology. Get OutdoorMail provides powerful, secure, scan-free and Second Admendment friendly email for your business.

Add options to view when your emails are being read and by whom. There is no complex software to install or manage. OutdoorMail makes corporate email simple.

Easy plans. Cancel anytime.

All Paid Plans Include a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Forever Free Outdoors

  • No scan - private email
  • Up To 250 Contacts
  • Supports Second Admendment Rights
  • Outdoor Lifestyle Promotions
  • 5 GB Storage


Pro Plan

  • All Forever Free Features
  • Billed Annually
  • Up to 1,500 Contacts
  • Private Outdoor Lifestyle Deals
  • 25 GB Storage

$5.00 /Month/User

Business Plan

  • Minimum 5 Users
  • Use Your Domain Name
  • Custom Logo In Webapp
  • Easy Account Management
  • Minimum 1 TB Cloud Storage

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