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First Blog

2021-10-05 19:12:50

Welcome to our first blog. I want to start out by explaining why my partners and I decided to start

If you were born in the 50’s and 60’s like us, we live in strange times.

We live in a society that has become less social except for the internet where most people chat with people online on Facebook, email, twitter, etc... Our outdoor way of life and our constitution are under attack, and our firearms and outdoor companies are demonized.

We post thing on Facebook for all to see, but when we choose to keep things private we use email, but is it private? The answer usually is no.

You see people all over the world use email providers that are free, but free is never free. Email providers run algorithms on all outgoing and incoming emails by selecting numerous key words, then pulling out data that they can sell to other companies and advertisers. Your data and email are shared and you agreed to this when you checked the terms and agreements box.

So, we created this email program to give people privacy! We won’t run algorithms! We won’t sell your data! We will have advertisers, and we welcome firearms and all outdoor companies to advertise with us, as well as any company who is not hung up on political correctness.

We are not about politics; we are all about the Country and the true blue Americans that live here that love the outdoors. We want to pass down our way of life to the generations that follow.

We are also about fun. In the upcoming blogs and on our web page, we will talk about great fishing and hunting trips and the not so great. We will share pics from our members on their trips! We will talk about hunting and fishing equipment. We will talk about veterans, because I am a proud to be one. We will discuss all things outdoors including campfire chow, so stay tuned. We have a lot of plans; we just need you to join us.

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