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We are hunters, fisherman, hikers, boaters, campers and all around outdoor enthusiasts. But most important we are Freedom Loving Americans that Love our Country, Our Constitution, and Our American Outdoor Heritage. Our email domain names reflect our passion and commitment to these principles.

At, we take your privacy and security seriously. We're veterans - we understand privacy and security. We own and operate our own servers just like the "big" email providers you use today. The "big" email service providers:

  • Run algorithms to search and gather information from your email before your email is delivered to your inbox.
  • Use this information to harvest keywords and gather information about you and your contacts.
  • This process - known as data mining - is saved, compiled and sold to advertisors and various organizations.

Here is a novel idea - be the first and only person to read your email. We don’t run algorithms. We won’t - for lack of a better analogy - steam open your letter, read it, reseal it and put it in the mailbox.

The sad truth is that most of the "big" email providers are not like us in their belief system. We believe your business is yours and what someone sends you is for your eyes only. Also, the "big" providers make a lot of money selling your data then take that money to fight against your 2nd amendment rights.

Come Join us and tell all your friends and family there is a fun place to go to get security and peace of mind with your email.